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The stewardship of nature is a sacred duty.

As the Senegalese poet, Babba Dioum, wrote:
We conserve only what we love.
We will love what we understand.
We understand what we are taught.

Mission Statement:    In order to support the preservation of Rhode Islandís remaining pristine natural spaces and to foster the indigenous wild life in a region where complete build-out of non-protected lands is an ominous inevitability, the mission of Sacred Ground is to acquire undeveloped land, including wetlands, fields and forests, and to provide a setting where nature and humanity can interact in a mutually beneficial manner. Sacred Ground firmly believes that thriving and ecologically healthy natural spaces provide mentally and spiritually healthy environments for humanity. Through public outreach and services such as nature walks, animal rehabilitation programs, organic farm plots and spiritual retreats, Sacred Ground is committed to bringing humanity and nature together in a way that allows each to flourish.

Sacred Ground looks to the future...

Education is the key to teaching all of humanity to live in harmony with nature. This is one of the most exhilarating challenges facing human-kind today.

It is both a vision and a mission of Sacred Ground to secure land for the preservation of nature and wildlife in Rhode Island.

It is our goal to create a center in the woodlands of Rhode Island, on a parcel of 100 acres or more. Most of the land will be preserved in its natural state. Our vision for this large, unadulterated portion of the Center is not only to preserve the natural environment, but by educating our community about the need for preserved land, we can use its presence as a tool to encourage the growth of appreciation for life.


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